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By December 20, 2017

– Commissioned to write the City of Waterloo 125th Anniversary Song.
– Canzona, for Brass and Percussion
– Four Poems of W.W.E. Ross
– Gloria For Voices, for SSAATTBB chorus, A capella
– A Night, for SAB chorus
– Canadian Trilogy, for concert band. Grade 4. Arrangements of Maritime Folksongs
– Curving the Moon, for SAB chorus, A capella
– Death; Winter Scene, for SAB chorus
– Donkey Riding (Were You Ever in Quebec?), for concert band. Grade 1 1/2 level
– Glimpses, for SAB chorus, A capella
– Overture For Fun (Oktoberfest), for concert band, grade 5 level.
– Psalm 100, for SAB chorus. A capella
– Say Hello, for SA or TB chorus and piano
– The Lord’s Name Be Praised, for concert band with optional SA or TB voices
– Winds, for SSAA chorus. A capella
РLetter of Commendation from the late President Ronald Reagan for improving the relationship between the United States and Canada through music.

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