Alfred Kunz AwardAlfred Kunz – August 1, 2017

It gives us great pleasure to recognize you as a recipient of a Kitchener-Conestoga’s 150 for Canada 150th Award.

You deserve to be very proud of the lasting impart you have had on the lives you have touched through the generous contribution of your time skills and energy.

On behalf of the residents of Kitchener-Conestoga thank you for making our community a better place to live.

Harold Albrect, MP

Michael Harris, MPP



Dr. Alfred Kunz - May 26, 1929 - January 15, 2019

Eulogy written by Dr. Michael W. Higgins

It was his earliest and most long lasting love.
Yet he never met him.
I suspect that they have by now.  Around a table at the Tomas Kircke, Leipzig, 
the disciple Herr Dr. Alfred Kunz chatting away with Herr Kapelmeister Johan Sebastian Bach.
What a chat that would be.
Alfred saw in Bach what he most aspired to as a musician, both as a composer and as a choir director: 
love of symmetry, sublime melodies, a choral architecture of exquisite complexity, a portal into the divine.
When he approximated the Bach formula he was most himself; 
he saw in such comprehensive genius a gateway to his more modest accomplishments.  Bach was simply his Master.

But emulating the B would only bring him so far.  He also had to find his own voice, his own signature.
His score of decades feeding his love of music into the hearts and imaginations
of the citizens of KW took him far afield leaving Bach behind but never eclipsed.  
The Master would summon occasionally and remained his abiding avatar.
Like JSB Kunz needed to make a living, serve myriad audiences, craft arrangements, 
build mosaics of known medleys for popular consumption, find time to compose his own work that could range from 
the sweetly melodic to the torturously atonal.  And doing this while managing several contemporary choirs, 
negotiating contracts, teaching private students, having periodic tantrums, and struggling to assert his way in the face of 
formidable opposition.

His music was often as dramatic as his life.
But the special genius of Alfred's work is not to be found in it's staggering productivity, 
it's eclecticism, it's sometimes stunning oscillation  between the easily accessible and the monstrously Sisyphean, 
but in the motivating spirit, the unalterable conviction, that defined his
creed: music is our entry into the divine, our participation in the cosmic dance of the Creator and therefore no one, 
no one, should be deprived of its vivifying powers.

Alfred was a populizer not an elitist; he wanted to bring music to the people not make it the property of the salon or chamber; 
you didn't need to read music; you simply needed to love it.
He deplored music snobbery-whereas I didn't-and we had a few fights where I easily defeated him with the words 
but he won always with the chords. Our mutual affection was real because I took his artistry seriously, 
I recognized within the narrow constraints of my own music education, that he was a creative not formulaic composer, 
an arranger with an eye to maximizing entertainment, a perfectionist compelled to make too many compromises. 
But his primary audience would remain the unprofessional folk yearning to sing but intimidated; 
he would liberate them; their voices soared from the Nith to the Grand.
And even on the Tiber and the Rhine.
And my God did he succeed.

He tried his hand at numerous musical genres-country, folk, American spiritual, carols, canticles, motets, 
a piano concerto ably paid by his longtime accompanist Krystyna Higgins, sonatas, academic processions, anthems, 
interactive canvases of sound, sight, and performance.
And he loved his audiences; they were his co-participants in making music; together they would celebrate 
what it means to be community, because that is what choral music in particular does: 
provides an antidote to the atomizing of our society.
Alfred knew that in his bones.  Music was his mission of repairing the torn fabric of society.  Bold, ambitious, tenacious.

I will remember my friend as a genuine quester,  curious and explorative.
He could be tempestuous and stubborn but he relished ideas.  When the very few occasions we had private time together 
he wanted to talk about the latest issue of the New Yorker, a magazine his daughter had perceptively subscribed for him.  
He especially treasured the commentaries by music critic Alex Ross.  It was lifeblood.

He was a big man, a big personality, who had more than a few detractors.
But he had many more admirers and their number will grow as people discover his music.  And they will.

Well, maestro, time for me to go.  I have disturbed your conversation with Bach for two long.
One quick query though before I go:  you are not trying your horrible jokes on him I hope?
Oh well, lots of time to improve in eternity.

God speed, old friend.

Rest in Peace


- June 25, 2017 - Forest Heights Community Association Mixed Choir Canada 150 Celebration Concert - O Canada! Sing! Sing! Sing! Featuring the music of Canadian songwriters, a tribute to Canadian Veterans, and the pagentry of Alfred Kunz's Canada Song.

- July 27, 2017 - selected as a recipient of the KITCHENER-CONESTOGA 150 FOR CANADA'S 150TH AWARD for his exceptional commitment to Kitchener-Conestoga. Congratulations Alfred Kunz! We are pleased to advise you that you have been selected as a recipient of the KITCHENER-CONESTOGA 150 FOR CANADA'S 150TH AWARD for your exceptional commitment to Kitchener-Conestoga.

The 150th Anniversary of Confederation is a pivotal milestone for our nation; an opportunity to reflect on Canada's history and look ahead to the future. It is also an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the achievements and contributions of extraordinary individuals and organizations that have made Kitchener-Conestoga what it is today. It is an honour for us to recognize your outstanding contributions to our community and we look forward to seeing you July 27, 2017 to recognize you personally.

Harold Albrect MP and Michael Harris MPP

- Guitar Solo commissioned by Dave Battler, Dave's Piece
- Guitar Solo, Diane (Dave's Diane)
- Vocal Solo and Piano, The Day Is Yours
- Vocal Solo and Piano, Do Not Stand At My Grave and Weep


- April 3, 2016 - Forest Heights Community Association Mixed Choir Spring Concert - You Can Sing! You Can Dance 
- November 27, 2016 - Forest Heights Community Association Mixed Choir Christmas Concert - A Taste of Christmas

For Women's Chorus
- Come Live With Me - SSA
- Furry Friend - SA
- The Arrow and the Song - SAA
- They Are Not Long - SSA

For Solo Voice
-A Blur of Colour
- A Dove in Darkness
- I Sound the Song of Spring
- It Only Takes a Moment
- Oh Happy Wind, How Sweet
- Over the Land Is April
- Sweet Summer 

2015 - Farewell


Saturday, May 23, 2015 - Bingemans Ballroom, Kitchener

Artistic Director/Conductor, Dr. Alfred Kunz
Master of Ceremonies, Dr. Michael W. Higgins
Music Alive Choral Organization
Nith Valley Singers
Additional Singers from the German Canadian Choir Association
Concert Pianist, Jeanette Bauman
Guest Pianist, Krystyna Higgins
Millennium Instrumental Ensemble
Piper Soloist, Nigel Moore
Rinceoiri Celtica Irish Dancers
James Joyce Quartet: Ken Chamberland, Peter Hawrylenko, Christian Bellsmith, Brad Lawrence
Vocal Soloists: Ken Chamberland, Christian Bellsmith, Barbara McKellar, Christina Mancini

In the words of Dr. Michael W. Higgins,

Maestro Kunz, Herr Dr. Kunz, Alfred, The Music Man. Admittedly, Alfred Kunz is neither Robert Preston nor Matthew Broderick, but he is no less the Music Man. Arguably, much more so. His life is a life lived in and for music.

The gift of music is never without context nor mission. The context for Alfred Kunz is German-Canadian, it is rural and yet urban, choral and yet instrumental, bach-suffused and yet contemporary-sensitive, traditional and yet also avant-garde. Vintage Kunz.

Tonight's farewell concert cum tribute is a way of entering - our way of entering - the imaginative legacy of a composer, choral conductor, arranger, and music coach whose contribution to Canadian choral music is now firmly established - Wilfrid Laurier University's Faculty of Music will house the archives - and whose contribution to the KW area, including bustling Luxembourg of course, is now storied.

Kunz Compositions performed:
- Wonder of Wonders
- Invention No. III - The Journey
- Amazing Grace
- Busy Fiddles
- Three James Joyce Songs
- Shall I Compare Thee

Closing words by Dr. Michael Higgins:

From Neudorf, Saskatchewan to Toronto, to Kitchener Waterloo, to Hamilton, to Mainz, Darmstadt, Bilthoven, to Sylt - and then back to Kitchener Waterloo, over 60 years of musical service to the community - spiced with royal openings, inauguarations, installations, concerts big and small, music performed nationally and internationally. Quite the Record. In a word or two: worth remembering.

"Remember my words, remember my voice,
Remember my thoughts, remember my choice.
Remember by touch, remember my goal,
Remember my dream, and remember my soul."

2015 - 2017

- Conductor of the Forest Heights Community Association Mixed Choir


- January 2, 2015 - The Record brief, Choirmaster Kunz hopes to rally alumni for his final concert in May
- May 4, 2015, Interviewed by CKWR Radio on Midday with RJ
- May 14, 2015 - Kitchener Citizen article written by Carrie Debrone Choral director, composer celebrates over 50 years of leadership with local choirs. Leaning back from his computer screen that patiently displays the glow of a musical score in mid creation, composer and musician Alfred Kunz glides both hands through his gray hair. After 35 years at the artistic helm of the Millennium Choral Organization, Kunz is retiring.
- May 15, 2015 - The Record article by Martin DeGroot Torn between many great artistic events. The Saturday option for "Eroica" remained open until I received a reminder about an event that has been on my radar since a call for participation started going out late last fall: Alfred Kunz's farewell concert as a choral conductor after 60 years of service to our community. "A Gift of Music — The Journey" will take place at Bingemans Ballroom on Saturday, May 23, starting at 7:30 p.m. Accepting Kunz's "Gift of Music" and honouring his work in our community over the years seems like a must. 
- May 15, 2015, Baden Outlook article by Barry Fisher A Celebration of a Lifetime of Music - Meet Alfred Kunz. 'To create and direct music was a special gift given to me by the Creator and it has been a privilege and my duty to share it with singers, musicians, and the audience.' There are many talented people who live in Wilmot Township that should be recognized for their abilities. Whether it be sports, literature, music, or other standards - Alfred Kunz is one of those who are leaders in their crowd!
- May 19, 2015 - Waterloo Chronicle Article by Bob Vrbanac, Ending on the right note -Local choir king Alfred Kunz said he isn’t ready to retire — he’s too busy to do that. He’s still composing, even though he’s less than a week away from his 86th birthday on May 26, and he’s already been asked to be a guest conductor at a number of upcoming shows. No, instead the farewell concert, called A Gift of Music: The Journey, May 23 at Bingemans Ballroom, is really a retrospective of the career of the local musical legend who will be stepping down from full-time conducting of the Nith Valley Singers and the Music Alive program.
- May 19, 2015, Roger's TV Daytime programming with Susan Cook-Scheerer regarding A Gift of Music, The Journey Farewell concert at Bingemans Ballroom on Saturday, May 23, 2015.
- May 20, 2015, CTV Kitchener shooting of David Imrie's program Saluting Volunteer Musicians at Suddaby School with Music Alive and the Nith Valley Singers.
- May 21, 2015 - The Record article by Valerie Hill, Choral conductor hangs up his baton after a six decade career (also printed in the Waterloo Chronicle). Alfred Kunz, sits comfortably on the expansive front porch of the two-storey home outside New Hamburg he shares with his wife Dana Kunz, a place the couple are about to leave for an apartment in the city. This will be a difficult adjustment for the conductor who is retiring from leading choirs — as well as leaving behind the peacefulness of this porch, the trees and fields, the birds and a garden ripe with springtime lushness. But in life all things must change and at nearly 86 — his birthday is May 26 — it's time.
- June 11, 2015, Kitchener Citizen article by Helen Hall Alfred Kunz finds a new - more relaxed - musical calling. Choir director Alfred Kunz’s retirement didn’t last long. The well-known director and composer announced his retirement after over 60 years of conducting in May, and by June he had new job. Kunz will lead a mixed adult community choir being organized by the Forest Heights Community Association this fall.
-November 29, 2015, Forest Heights Community Association Mixed Choir Christmas Concert - We Are One in Music and Song
- The Day Is Yours for SATB and Solo 


- March 2014, Now Hear This, Festival of New Music performance by Strathcona String Quartet of Looking Back: String quartet No. 2
- April 30, 2014, New Hamburg Independent article by Scott Miller Cressman Buddy Holly heads Nith Valley Singers concert. Christian Bellsmith, stepson of long-time Nith Valley Singers director Alfred Kunz, returns to Baden.
- May 1, 2014, The Record article by Valerie Hill Buddy Holly’s encore a labour of love for tribute artist. It was impossible not to be inspired by music growing up with a stepdad like Alfred Kunz, founder and artistic director of several Waterloo Region choirs, including Nith Valley Singers and Music Alive. "I met Alf when I was around five and both my mother and father sang in his choirs," said Christian Bellsmith who returns to Waterloo Region to perform Thank You For The Music in his signature role as Buddy Holly on Saturday in Kitchener and Wednesday in Baden with Kunz's choirs.
- May 2014, conducted and directed a series of concerts with Music Alive and the Nith Valley Singers entitled Thank You For the Music in Kitchener and New Hamburg with guest soloist Christian Bellsmith as Buddy Holly. Classics from the 60's, 70's and 80's.
- Donationed his antique Toronto Heintzman antique grand piano to Worldwide Ministeries of Waterloo ON.
- November 2014, New Hamburg Independent article by Scott Miller Cressman Final Christmas concert for Wilmot choirmaster. After 60 years of leading local singers, Alfred Kunz is set for his holiday swan song with the Nith Valley Singers.
- November 26, 2014, The Record article by Valerie Hill ‘Dream With Me’ Christmas concert promises plenty of holiday spirit and a little nostalgia. After wielding his baton for six decades, composer/conductor Alf Kunz is about to retire, but he doesn't plan on going quietly into the night.
"Every concert is special to me, but this one is my last Christmas concert," said Kunz, who will direct Music Alive and the Nith Valley Singers in "Dream With Me" on Nov. 29 in Kitchener and Dec. 3 and 4 in Baden. Every Christmas, the 90-member combined choir, which he founded in the mid 1980s, puts on a spectacular, fun holiday performance and carol singalong, and this one, he promises, will be extra special. 

- November/December 2014, conducted and directed a series of concerts with Music Alive and the Nith Valley Singers entitled Dream With Me. Farewell Christmas concert for Alfred Kunz with guests Concordia Choirs and the Kaleidoscope Bell Ringers. Presentation of Alfred Kunz's Christmas Kaleidoscope with handbell choir and PowerPoint presentation.
- Odyssey No. II (Our Enduring Facination With the Cosmos), for orchestra.
-The River Flows Eternally, for 2 voices and piano
- There Comes A Time - Vocal Solo 


- Niagara Falls Fury, for string quartet
- There! Set That to Music for voice and piano
- Musik erfüllt die Welt, for SATB chorus and piano with German words
- String Quartet No. II (Looking Back), Movement I, II, III
- May 2013, conducted and directed a series of concerts with Music Alive and the Nith Valley Singers entitled Music For the Love of It in Kitchener and New Hamburg with guest soloist Erick Traplin. Love songs, gospel, musicals, anthems, folksongs, rock & roll, new age and audience sing-a-long.
- November 8, 2013, The Record article by Valerie Hill Soul Sauce brings new sound to Music Alive. Soul Sauce will also join Kunz's choir, as they sing a variety of Christmas music including Kunz's own composition There Is No Rose of Such Virtue, plus a couple of his arrangements of holiday favourites. And of course it wouldn't be a Kunz Christmas concert without a singalong for an inspired audience.
- December 2013, conducted and directed a series of concerts with Music Alive and the Nith Valley Singers entitled Christmas Is Wisemen to Winter, with guests Soul Sauce. 


- Die Freude der Liebe (The Joy of Love), for SATB chorus with piano in German
- Ein klares Zeichen der Heiligan Nacht, for SATB chorus and piano. German words by Hans Scheib and Gerhard Wiedmann. Commissioned for the Stratford Teutonia Chor
- May 2, 2012, The Record article by Valerie Hill - Reviving the oldtime singalong. Alfred Kunz’s Music Alive, Nith Valley Singers celebrate old favourites at local concerts. The German enclave in rural Saskatchewan where Alfred Kunz grew up was a place of tradition, a place where friends and family would gather to play musical instruments and sing German folk songs in a warm spirit of togetherness. Mama’s Old Songbook will feature many well-loved tunes and audience members are encouraged to dress comfortably country, then be ready to sing along with the combined choir and five other musicians. And as a special treat, Kunz invited well-known children’s performer Erick Traplin to MC the evening as well as perform.
- May 2012, conducted and directed a series of concerts with Music Alive and the Nith Valley Singers entitled Mama's Old Songbook in Kitchener and New Hamburg with guest soloist Erick Traplin.
- November 30, 2012, The Record article by Valerie Hill - Music Alive makes Christmas come alive. Whenever artistic director Alfred Kunz dons a fancy white shirt and requisite gold chain, there is bound to be something fun, something unexpected happening on stage. That will certainly be the case on Saturday, Dec. 1 in Kitchener and on Wednesday, Dec. 5 in Baden, when Kunz’s choral group, Music Alive will present its annual seasonal concert, Christmas, As It Once Was. 
- December 2012, conducted and directed a series of concerts with Music Alive and the Nith Valley Singers entitled Christmas As It Once Was in Kitchener and New Hamburg. With audience sing-a-long, trumpet soloist Al Mullin, Irish Folk Harp Soloist Charlene Rivais and narration of Christmas past.


- Organized an auditioned group of tenors called Tenor Delight.
- Amazing Grace, for Band
- Grandma's Feather Bed, arranged by Alfred Kunz for SATB chorus and piano
- April 27, 2011, The Record article by Valerie Hill Five tenors rock the house. Alfred Kunz has never been afraid to get a little wild and crazy when it comes to exciting an audience but this time, he’s really tipped over the edge. Millennium Choral Organization will present Canadian Promenade on April 30 in Kitchener and May 11 in Baden, featuring five new tenors he auditioned recently to create Tenor Delight. Tenor Delight will feature a rousing rendition of the beautiful Leonard Cohen song, Hallelujah and that sweet marching tune The Happy Wanderer. The entire audience will then be encouraged to join in and belt out Land of Hope and Glory and Jerusalem. Though he was looking for Canadian content for this concert, Kunz was really most interested in the songs’ message. 
- April/May 2011, conducted and directed a series of concerts with Music Alive and the Nith Valley Singers entitled Canadian Promenade in Kitchener and New Hamburg with guests Tenor Delight. Concert was a tribute to England's Last Night of the PROMS
- June 2011, Conducted and directed Concordia Choirs on a tour to Germany, Austria, Croatia and Slovenia
- November 28, 2011, The Record article by Valerie Hill Music Alive brings in Christmas.There is no one quite as energetic and engaging as Alfred Kunz before a major choral concert. And when that concert is a special Christmas event, he really lets loose with both enthusiasm and unique ideas. Hallelujah! A Christmas Story will be an eclectic blend of classical, contemporary and even a few original pieces composed by Kunz. Guests are Tenor Delight, a quintet of singers he hand-picked in 2010.
- November/December 2011, conducted and directed a series of concerts with Music Alive and the Nith Valley Singers entitled Hallelujah! A Christmas Story. Guest singers were Tenor Delight. 


October 15, 2010- Monday night is Alfred Kunz’s night to remember, The Record article by Valerie Hill
After decades of directing choirs and writing choral music, Alfred Kunz will be relegated to an audience seat on Monday night, his conductor’s baton kept well out of reach and with no inkling of what he is about to hear.
What the audience will hear is a retrospective of some of the many choral works Kunz has composed over several decades, though he has not been allowed to partake in the planning, not even an advance glimpse into the program. 
Concert entitled Note by Note - The Music of Alfred Kunz
"On Monday, October 18th, 2010 a concert entitled Note by Note was given to honour Alfred Kunz and his music at Benton Street Baptist Church in Kitchener, Ontario. Producers Christian Bellsmith and Matt Cassidy brought the Note by Note Singers from Toronto, Ontario to perform twenty-nine of Alfred's works. We wish to thank the Note by Note Singers for permission to add their recordings to our website. Enjoy the music!"
- Lieb Heimatdorf, for TTBB and piano. German words by Hans Scheib and Music by Alfred Kunz.
- Ach Liebste, lass uns eilen, for SATB and piano. German text.
- Gefunden, for SSAA a cappella. German text.
- How Many Times Do I Love Thee, Dear?, for SATB and piano. Written for grand-daughter Catherine Kunz's wedding on August 21, 2010.
- Spinn, Spinn!, for SA and piano.
- Unter Sternen, for TTBB a cappella with German words.
- May 2010, a series of concerts performed by Music Alive and the Nith Valley Singers entitled Sentimental Journey in Kitchener and New Hamburg with the Cambridge Kiwanis Boys Choir as guests.
- December 2010, a series of concerts performed by Music Alive and the Nith Valley Singers entitled A Christmas Mosaic in Kitchener and New Hamburg with the Twin City Harmonizers as guests.


- March 2009, Millennium Choral Organization Walkathon. Purpose was to raise funds for the charities operating expenses.
- May 2009, Concordia Choirs Spring concert entitled Heut Vergessen Wir Die Sorgen
- May 2009, 80th birthday celebration for Alfred Kunz at St. Agatha Community Centre with Music Alive, Nith Valley Singers and the Concordia Choirs.
- May 2009, a series of concerts with Music Alive and the Nith Valley Singers in Kitchener and New Hamburg entitled Gospel Hour. Guest choir, the Waterloo Regional Police Male Chorus.
- November/December 2009, a series of concerts with Music Alive and the Nith Valley Singers in Kitchener and New Hamburg entitled Angel Voices with guests Synergy Handbell Choir.
- December 2009 Concordia Choirs Christmas concert entitled Weihnacton mit den Concordia Chören
- My Heart is Like a Singing Bird, for voice and piano
- The Day Is Yours (Never Look Back), for voice and piano.
- Ave Maria (Caccni), arranged for SATB chorus and piano. Instrumental ensemble also available (Flute, violin, Synthesizer, and Bass)
- An die Natur, for TTBB A cappella in German


-February 2008, Release of Northern Reflections for handbells
-April 2008, Concordia Choirs Spring concert Von Liebe, Inspiration zu Natur and Humor
-May 2008, Conducted a series of concerts performed with Music Alive and the Nith Valley Singers in Kitchener and New Hamburg entitled Wind, Water and Song
-May 2008, German Canadian Choir Association Singing Festival in Ottawa. Massed choir premiered commissioned works Gefunden & An Die Natur to celebrate DKSB 50th Anniversary
-July 2008, Millennium Choral Organization East Coast Tour. Performances with Men of the Deep and Rita MacNeil.
-October 2008, Kitchener Waterloo Symphony performed Overture For Fun
-October 2008, Federation Des Chorales A Coeur Joie in France performed Do You Love Me & Who Has Seen the Wind.
-October 2008 Concordia Choir and Kitchener Waterloo Symphony perform in an Oktoberfest concert in the Centre in the Square.
- Peace Motet, for handbells
- Hoch auf dem gelben Wagen, commissioned by Thilo Elste in memory of Margaret Elste. Unison Men
- I'd Like to be a Christmas Tree, for unison and piano
- Leichtes Blut, SATB and Piano. Text in German
- A series of concerts performed in May by Music Alive and the Nith Valley Singers entitled Wind, Water and Song with The Clean-up Kids performing a play with a message concerning our responsibility to protect our environment.
- A series of concerts performed in November by Music Alive and the Nith Valley Singers entitled Glory! Glory! A Christmas Journey with guest choir the Gloryland Chorus. 


March 2007, "Ein klares Zeichen der Heiligen Nacht" commissioned for Stratford Teutonia Chor.
May 2007, Directed and conducted "Music Alive Goes to the Oscars" in Kitchener and "Nith Valley Singers Go to the Oscars" in New Hamburg.
-June 2007, Concordia Choir Tour to Austria, Czech Republic, Germany
July 2007, Gefunden and An Die Natur commissioned by the German Canadian Choir Association for Singing Festival in May 2008
- July 2007, Collaboration on new children's music with poet Shirley Shearer.
August 2007, Release of new Children's pieces and the "Fifth Book of Sounds, Songs & Thoughts" of German music.
September 2007, "Kleines Kantata" Commission for Concordia Choirs. New German music chosen for May 2008 Deutsch Kanadischer Sängerfest in Ottawa, ON.
November 2007, "Die Post" Commission for Concordia Choirs,
December 2007, "Hoch auf dem gelben Wagen" Commission for Concordia Choirs.
- Directed and conducted From Magi to Mistletoe in Kitchener and New Hamburg with Music Alive and the Nith Valley Singers.
- Three Piano Pieces for Anna
Chilli and Pepper
Cool Morning Melancholy
Mosquito Chase and Slap

-Northern Reflections, for 4-5 octave handbells
No. I Trans Canada Trek
No. II Grand River Ramble
No. III Muskota Melancholy
No. IV Niagara Falls Fury

- Christmas In My Memory, for SATB chorus, Soprano Descant and Piano
- Meeresstille, for SATB chorus and piano, a cappella, with German words.
- Glückliche Fahrt, for SATB chorus and piano with German words.
- Just A Kid Like Me, for unison, optional 2 part and piano. Words by Shirley Shearer, Music by Alfred Kunz.
- Kleines Kantata, for TTBB chorus a cappella with German words.
- M-m-m-m-m, unison. Words by Shirley Shearer and music by Alfred Kunz.
,- You Must be a Busy Santa, unison. Words by Shirley Shearer and music by Alfred Kunz.


January 2006 "In Memoriam: Anna Tuerr" was commissioned by Paul Tuerr and Family. A historial epic of displaced persons in time of war. Scored for narrator, instrumental ensemble, mixed and male choirs. commissioned by the Paul Tuerr Family. Sung in German with English narration by the Concordia Choirs of Kitchener.
"Canadian Portraits" ", commissioned by Dr. Michael W. Higgins, President and Vice Chancellor of St. Jerome's University for the 2006 Administrative Council Meeting of the International Federation of Catholic Universities. This work portrays Canada through the eyes of three great Canadian Artists, Emily Carr, William Kurelek and Benjamin Chee Chee.
April 2006 "Song: Contemplation" requested for the International Thomas Merton Archives.
- Directed and conducted "Canadian Rhapsody, A Tribute to Canada" at Kitchener's The Centre In The Square in May 2006. There was music and dance from coast to coast celebrating Canada's rich cultural diversity, highlighting the Irish, Afro-American, Ukrainian, German, Scottish, Maritime and French heritages. Guest were Music Alive, the Nith Valley Singers, Concordia Mixed and Male Choirs, Tenor soloist Peter McCutcheon, Pryvit Ukrainian Dance Ensemble and flag bearers from many service clubs of Waterloo Region.
July 2006 "Die Tage sing warm" commissed by Stratford Teutonia Chor.
December 2006 Directed and conducted "Ghosts of Christmas Past" in Kitchener and New Hamburg with Music Alive and the Nith Valley Singers.
- The Bird's Lullaby, for voice and piano
- Alf's String Quartet In One Movement
- December 2006, conducted and directed Concordia Choirs spring concert entitled Musik aus Wien and mehr (Music of Vienna and More)


- May 12, 2005 established a non-profit corporation called "Millennium Choral Organization".
- Directed and conducted a series of concerts in Kitchener and New Hamburg Ontario called "You Raise Me Up" in May 2005 featuring Music Alive, the Nith Valley Singers and tenor soloist Peter McCutcheon of Toronto Ontario.
- Conducted a Peter McCutcheon series concert in Toronto Ontario called "Rejoice!" featuring Music Alive and the Nith Valley Singers.
- Stratford Teutonia Chor commissioned Ein klares Zeichen der Heiligen Nacht and Die Tage sind warm in September 2005. For SATB with Piano. Text in German by Hans Scheib & Gerhard Wiedmann.
- Directed and conducted a series of concerts in Kitchener and New Hamburg Ontario called "A Soul Full of Celebration" in December 2005 featuring Music Alive, the Nith Valley Singers and vocal quartet "Beyond Bliss".
- Concordia Choirs Christmas concert entitled Weihnachten, wie es eins war Nr. II 


- A series of concerts in Kitchener and New Hamburg called Rhythms of Earth in May 2004. African music, spirituals, folksongs featuring Music Alive and the Nith Valley Singers,the Organic Grove Drum Circle, Mangwanani Dancers and Instrumental Ensemble.
- Concordia Choirs spring concert entitled Eine Reise - durch die Welt in Wort und Gesang (Around the World in Word and Song)
-A series of concerts in Kitchener and New Hamburg called Classically Christmas in December 2004 featuring Music Alive and the Nith Valley Singers, instrumental ensemble, music from Bach to Kunz and excerpts from Kunz's Peace Motet.
- Drei Chörische Tänze, for Germain Chorus
- Odyssey II, for orchestra
- Odyssey III (Forgotten World), for orchestra
- Summer 2004, Concordia Choirs at DKSB Singing Festival in Ottawa and Quebec.
- Christmas concert with Concordia Choirs entitled Weihnachton, wie es einst war


- June 6, 2003 "A Gift of Music", The Centre In The Square - Kitchener ON, Millennium Concert Choir, Alfred Kunz - Artistic Director/Conductor, Millennium Concert Orchestra, Rinceoiri Celtica Dancers, Guest Choirs - Concordia Mixed & Male Choirs, Spirituals, German Heritage Music, Children's Choir, Youth Choir, Irish Suite
- December 6th & 10th, 2003 "Christmas Kaleidoscope" for SATB Choir, Semi Choir, Instrumental Ensemble, Children/Youth Choirs, Handbell Choir and Audience Sing-a-long.
- Let's Go South (Flute, Violin, Keyboard, Bass, Percussion). Kunz music performed: Say Hello, The Lord's Name be Praised, Amazing Grace, Substance and Shadow, Busy Fiddles.
- Odyssey I (for orchestra)
- September 2003, Probus Choir Begins
- Christmas Kaleidoscope, for SATB chorus, semi chorus, audience carol sing-a-long, flute, violin, piano. Addition version has four to five octave handbell choir.
- Substance and Shadow, for SATB chorus and piano. Commissioned by Dr. Val O'Donovan for the Gift of Music Concert in June 2003 in The Centre in the Square in Kitchener Ontario.
- Drei Länder - eine Sprache, performed at Theatre of the Arts University of Waterloo with Concordia Male Choir.
- Marina, Three Croation Folksongs
Nr. I Tanzlied
Nr. II Im Rosengarten
Nr. III Marina 


-Busy Fiddles, for chamber orchestra
- Jubilate Deo Omnis Terra commissioned by St. Jerome's University for the installation of Chancellor Richard Gwyn on March 17, 2002.

- New Instruments Releases
Essay For V'Cello Solo (in memory of Ralph Kunz)
Five Excursions for Piano Solo
Excursion For Solo Organ
Going for Baroque I, II, & III (Strings & Keyboard)
Inventions for Piano 1, 2, & 3 (for Carl Templin)
Limits for French Horn & Cello
Meditation for Solo Flute
String Quartet in One Movement
Three for Two (Cello)
Three for Two (Violin)
Dr. Doom's Fiftieth Mile - Double Bass Solo

- Substance and Shadow commissioned by Dr. Val O'Donovan for A Gift of Music Concert at Kitchener's The Centre In The Square for June 2003.
- Cantata "Noel" for chorus and orchestra
- New Music Concerts, String Quartet in One Movement played by the Hyperion String Quartet in Maureen Forrester Recital Hall, Aird Centre, Wilfrid Laurier University
- New Music Concerts, Essay for Violoncello Solo played in Heliconian Hall in Toronto Ontario


- Fundraising concert for the organ restoration at Zion United Church in Kitchener, Ontario.
- Series of concerts entitled "2001: Music Odyssey" in Kitchener and New Hamburg, Ontario.
- Awarded Honorary Doctor of Laws degree from the University of Waterloo. "Peace Motet" composed as his acceptance speech at Convocation.
- University of Waterloo Sponsor's Appreciation Concert in honour of Kunz doctorate at Humanities Theatre.
- Premiere of "Ave Verum Corpus" performed for the Sponsor's Concert, Humanities Theatre, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario.
- Concert tour with the Millennium Concert Choir (Music Alive and the Nith Valley Singers) to Italy.
- Concert tour with the Concordia Choirs to western Canada.
- Creation of website
- Volunteer "Citizen of the Year" Award for Culture for Wilmot County, Ontario Canada
- Jubilate Deo Omnis Terra, SATB chorus with piano. Commissioned by St. Jerome's University for the installation as Chancellor of Richard Gwyn.


- "Give Back the Moon. Celebrate the Earth" Millennium Concert with symphony orchestra, Music Alive and the Nith Valley Singers. Original compositions by Kunz. All orchestral arrangements or compositions by Kunz.
- Raised $4500.00 for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
- Gloria For Voices, recorded by Concordia University College of Alberta Choir conducted by Dr. John Hooper.
- Wonder of Wonders, surround song for SA voices.


- "Two Piece Suite for Violin, V'cello, and Piano", No. 1 - Looking Backward and No. 2 - Looking Forward, awarded honorable mention in the Studea Musica Composition Competition.
- "The Touching of Sky" commissioned by Music Alive for their 10th year anniversary.
- Presidential Installation at St. Jeromes University with commissioned works "Bell Prelude and Academic Processional" and "Canticle (Daniel 3): Blessed Are You".
- 70th birthday tribute attended by 300 family, friends, choir members and local dignitaries. New Hamburg Ontario Community Centre
- May Singing Festival in Ottawa with the Concordia Choirs.
- June, Concordia Clup's 125th anniversary celebration with Concordia Choirs singing in Kitchener's City Hall.
- October, Records CD for CHYM fundraising project with Concordia Choirs to assist Kitchener Waterloo Hospice.
- November, Citizenship Court at the Concordia Club
- December, Concordia Choirs Chrimas concert with donation going to survivors of Hurricane Mitch.
- O Holy Night, arranged for Soprano Solo, SSATB chorus and piano. Instramental ensemble parts also available.

1998 to 2013

- Christkindl Markt Christmas concerts with Concordia Choirs at Kitchener's City Hall.


- Commissioned work "Song: Contemplation" performed for Stoddart Publishing Co's book launch of Heretic Blood in Waterloo, Ontario.
- Organized and conducted "Hurricane Mitch Benefit Concert" at the Concordia Club.
- On That First Christmas Eve, Music Alive 10th anniversary commission. Text, Shirley Shearer. Music, Alfred Kunz.


- Detroit Concert Choir recording of "What Child is This?" on CD.
- June '97 Concert Tour with Concordia Choirs to the East Coast of Canada and Newfoundland
- Song: Contemplation, for soprano and baritone soloists, SATB chorus, flute, horn, double bass and piano. Commissioned by Dr. Michael Higgins for the International Thomas Merton Society Festival and Thoams Merton book launch. Performed at St. Jerome's University and Maureen Forrester Hall at Wilfrid Laurier University with Kitchener-Waterloo Philharmonic Chamber Choir in Waterloo Ontario.
- The Spirit of Christmas, for orchestra


- "Looking Bachward" concert with the Bach Kantate Singers and orchestra at St. Jerome's University, Siegfried Hall, with analysis and commentary by Kunz.
- "Rhythms of Earth" commissioned by the Nith Valley Singers for their 10th year anniversary.
- "Staged Choral Concert" titled "I'll Be Home For Christmas". Actors, speakers, dialogue, costumes and staging with instruments. Performed at Kitchener Collegiate Institute Auditorium.

1995 to 2015

- Kunz sponsored Walkathons for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing with assistance by the Canadian Hearing Society of Kitchener, Ontario.

1995 to 1996

- Organized and conducted the Bach Kantate Singers


- My Singing World, for any 2 voice chorus with piano or organ. Individual pieces added as single songs. See list in 1981.
- My Singing World, 3-5 octave handbell choir collection sold as individual pieces of music
101 - A Singing World
102 - Now the Sun is in the Sky
103 - Jesus, Loving Shepherd
104 - The Earth Was Green
105 - How Far is it to Bethlehem?
106 - Welcome, Golden Rose
107 - When Jesus Christ Was Four Years Old
108 - The Lord's Name be Praised
109 - Quiet Beauty
110 - Dandelion Dance
- England, Scotland, Wales concert tour with Music Alive and the Nith Valley Singers.
- Rogers Cable TV video taping for broadcast across Canada of We Are The Future, a collection of 9 pieces for children performed by The Singing Children of New Hamburg and the Kidz Choir of the Music Alive Choral Organization.
- Lied, Kling Hinaus, Concordia Choirs TV show recorded by Rogers Cable TV.
- Brushed by the Wings of an Angel, for SATB chorus, soprano solo, descant and piano.
- How Great Thou Art, for three octave handbell choir with optional voice or recorder
- It is Well With My Soul, for three octave handbell choir with optional voice accompaniment
- King's Crowns and Shepherd's Crooks, for SATB chorus
- Make a Joyful Noise Unto God All Ye Lands, for two octave handbell choir. Commissioned by Gerald Ziegler for his Forest Glen School Handbell Choir in New Hamburg Ontario.
- Rhythms of Earth, for SSAATB chorus, string quintet and piano. Written for the 10th anniversary of the Nith Valley Singers in New Hamburg Ontario.
- Saturday Night Barn Dance, for four octave handbell choir with optional instrumental ensemble
- She's Like the Swallow, for two octave or four octave handbell choir with optional voice or recorder
- The Greatest of These is Love, for SATB chorus and piano. Written for my wife Dana for our wedding as well as the 50th anniversary of Dana's parents Gale and Bud Thiessen who renewed their vows at our wedding ceremony.
- The Island Enchantress, for SATB chorus, 3 handbell choirs (beginner, intermediate and advanced choirs), narrator and orchestra for the 11th Handbell Symposium in Adelaide Australia.
- We Are the Future, A collection of children's pieces for unison and optional second voice and piano. Words and Melody by Lynne Hovey. Prepared and Arranged by Alfred Kunz.
We Are the Future
Sing, Shout, Clap
My Fam'ly
Father God
The Child
His Name
Silent Sun
Fly Above
- Welcome the Angels, for SSATB chorus, children's descant and piano. Based on the tune of Von Himmel Hoch (From Heaven Above).
- What Child Is This?, for SSA/Men and piano


- Invited to Adelaide, Australia for the 11th International Handbell Symposium, to conduct "Island Enchantress" with choir, orchestra, narrator, 900 bell ringers and 3000 bells composed by Alfred Kunz.
- Summer '94, Concordia Choirs to Singing Festival in Toledo, Ohio
- Believe Me if all Those Endearing Young Charms, for SAB chorus unaccompanied
- Drink to me Only, SATB chorus unaccompanied
- Somebody's Knockin' at Your Door, Spiritual for SSA and Men's chorus with piano
- Steal Away, Spiritual for SSAAB chorus unaccompanied
- There is no Rose of Such Virtue, for SSA and Men chorus with piano. 15th century carol.
- Wedding Promises, for SATB chorus and piano.


- 31st Singing Festival of the German Canadian Choir Association in Stratford, Ontario.
- Concert Tour 19th Singing Festival for the German Singing Association in Cologne, West Germany.
- Music Alive tour of Austria and Germany.
- Jingle Bells, for SSATB and piano
- The Rhinoceros, for soloist, SATB chorus and piano. Performed by Daniel Quilico with the York University Choir with Karen Rymal on Piano and Albert Greer, conductor at a concert in St. James' ACC in Orillia, March 1992. Audio recording available at Canadian Music Centre.


- Premier performance by the Joshua Singers of commissioned piece, The Island Enchantress as part of the Grand Valley Handbell Festival, composed by Alfred Kunz.
- Bendemere's Stream, for SSATB chorus A capella
- I Love You Truly, SATB chorus A capella
- I Saw a Maiden, for SATB chorus, A capella; melody from an old Basque Carol
- Rorando Coeli, for SATB chorus (two optional echo choirs), unaccompanied.
- Sing Lullaby, Lullaby Baby, for SATB chorus and piano. Anonymous words in English, tune from an old Basque Carol.
- The Joy of Love, for SSATBB chorus
- The Last Rose of Summer, for soprano solo and SSATB Chorus
- Variations on Amazing Grace, arranged for SSAATTBB chorus and piano. Orchestral parts also available.
- When You Are Old, for SATB chorus, unaccompanied


- Sold-out performance of Music Alive at Kitchener's Centre In The Square.
- Concordia Choirs, 6-country European Tour.
- Candlelight Children's Vigil, Centre In The Square.
- Received Kitchener-Waterloo Arts Award in the Open category, presented September 27, 1990 at the 10th Anniversary Gala, Centre In The Square.
- Praesident's Konzert, opening weekend of Oktoberfest, Centre In The Square with Music Alive, Joshua Singers and Schonach Band from Germany.
- Liebeslied, commissioned by the German Canadian Choir Association for their 18th annual Singing Festival in Stratford ON.
- Psalm 42, Appalachian folk melody for SATB chorus and piano. Orchestral arrangement also available.
- The Old Man, for SATB chorus and piano. Orchestral arrangement also available.
- Caribbean Carol, for SATB chorus, glute, violin, piano, double bass, guitar and percussion.

1989 to 2015

- Organizer/Artistic Director/Conductor of the Music Alive Choral Organization in Kitchener, consisting of children, youth and adult choirs.


- Taught self-defense courses for the Waterloo Region Board of Education.
- Concert "Concordia and Friends" with members of the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony Orchestra in The Centre In The Square with a 300-voice choir.
- "Der Singende Vogel Der Ewigkeit (The Singing Bird of Eternity)" for flute and strings commissioned by the German Canadian Congress and Teleglobe Canada for Germanica.
- June '89 Concordia Choirs to Austria, Hungary, Southern Tyrol, Lichtenstein, Switzerland and Germany
- How Great Thou Art, Swedish Folk Melody, for soprano or tenor solo, SSAATTBB chorus and piano. Orchestral arrangement also available.
- Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho, for SAB chorus and piano. Orchestral arrangement also available.
- Joy Unconfined, tenor solo, SATB chorus and piano. Orchestral arrangement also available.


- Received Black Belt in Kung Fu.
- Commissioned to conduct concert in Massey Hall with Toronto Symphony Orchestra and German Canadian Choir Association with 500-voice choir.
- Island Enchantress, a massed handbell choir composition was commissioned for the International Bell Ringers' Convention in England.
- Performed for Helmut Kohl, Chancellor of Germany, with Concordia Choirs.
- Spring Into Summer, orchestral composition chosen by Nepean Symphony Orchestra for Canadian Composers' Competition.
- Dana's Piece, Chamber Orchestra
- Saturday Night Barn Dance (Boy's Night Out), Chamber orchestra, No. 3 of the Saskatchewan Suite.


- Night Sky, orchestral composition chosen by Nepean Symphony Orchestra for Canadian Composers' Competition.
- She's Like The Swallow, arrangement for four-octave handbell choir, commissioned by Gerald Ziegler and his Forest Glen School Handbell Choir performance in England.
- Sing Unto the Lord, for SATB choir with piano
- Come Before Him Singing with Joy, for SATB chorus with optional flute and string bass. A capella
- O Lord, Our Lord, for SATB chorus. A capella
- Retreat March, for band. Based on The Band in the Square, anonymous Italian melody.
- Softly the Winds Blow, for SATB chorus. A capella
- Three James Joyce Songs, for TTBB chorus or quartet
No. I - Strings in the Earth and Air
No. 2 - Bright Cap and Streamers
No. 3 - Lean Out of the Window


- Western Canada and Expo 86 Tour with Concordia Choirs.
- Guest conductor with the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony in "Pops" Series. Christmas program with Concordia Choirs.
- Massey Hall, Toronto, Ontario, 30th Anniversary of the German Canadian Choir Association
- Overture for Fun (Oktoberfest), full orchestra. Performed by KW Symphony and Kingston Symphony.
- Winterlude, for orchestra

1985 to 2015

- Organized and directed the Nith Valley Singers of New Hamburg.


- Te Deum, commissioned by Nestor Charton and the Cambridge Girls' Choir.
- Hear This All Ye People, for TTBB A capella. Commissioned by the Hamilton Orpheus Male Chorus.
- Summer '85 Concordia Choirs at Singing Festival in Rochester NY
- A Compliment of Song, original compositions or arrangements done for private commissions
- Christmas Kaleidoscope, for SATB chorus, SATB semi-chorus, chamber orchestra. English and German text. Audience sing-a-long on traditions Christmas carols.
- Land of the Silverbirch, for two octave handbell choir with optional voice or recorder part.


- Classical Arcade, for chamber orchestra.
- Fanfares and Canzona, for orchestra. Fanfares for brass ensemble only.
- Spring Into Summer, for chamber orchestra.
- Straight Ahead, for concert band. Grade 1 1/2 level.


- German Canadian Choir Association concert tour to Hamburg Germany and premiere of Six Canadian Pictures.
- Letter of commendation from President Reagan for furthering goodwill relations between Canada and the United States through music.
- Divertimento for Easy Strings, for string orchestra
- Hallelujah! How Delightful and How Right, for SAB chorus and piano or organ.
- Six String Things, for easy strings
- Three Canadian Folksongs, for string orchestra
- Drei Chörische Tänze
Nr. I Lasset Uns Scherzen, SSATB A cappella
Nr. II Gelbe Haare, Güldne Stricke - SATB A cappella
Nr. III Mailied, SATTBB A cappella


- Commissioned to write the City of Waterloo 125th Anniversary Song.
- Canzona, for Brass and Percussion
- Four Poems of W.W.E. Ross
- Gloria For Voices, for SSAATTBB chorus, A capella
- A Night, for SAB chorus
- Canadian Trilogy, for concert band. Grade 4. Arrangements of Maritime Folksongs
- Curving the Moon, for SAB chorus, A capella
- Death; Winter Scene, for SAB chorus
- Donkey Riding (Were You Ever in Quebec?), for concert band. Grade 1 1/2 level
- Glimpses, for SAB chorus, A capella
- Overture For Fun (Oktoberfest), for concert band, grade 5 level.
- Psalm 100, for SAB chorus. A capella
- Say Hello, for SA or TB chorus and piano
- The Lord's Name Be Praised, for concert band with optional SA or TB voices
- Winds, for SSAA chorus. A capella
- Letter of Commendation from the late President Ronald Reagan for improving the relationship between the United States and Canada through music.


- Established Alfred Kunz Music Publications with 400 compositions in print.
- Six Canadian Pictures commissioned by the German Canadian Choir Association.
No. I - Lake Huron In October, for TTBB chorus and optional piano.
No. II - Love Like a Drop of Dew, for SATB Chorus and optional piano.
No. III - Shadow River, for SATB chorus and optional piano.
No. IV - Midnight (In the North), for TTBB chorus and optional piano.
No. V - The Lost Lagoon, for SSA chorus and optional piano.
No. VI - Harvest Time, for SATB chorus and piano.
- Saskatchewan Music Educators' Association Commission (three SA and three SATB)
1. Indian Summer (SA chorus and piano)
2. She is the Prettiest of Creatures (SATB chorus and piano)
3. The Poet's Song (SATB chorus and piano)
4. There's a Fire in the Forest (SA chorus and piano)
5. Turtle Soup (SATB chorus and piano)
6. Twilight Song (SA chorus and piano) 

- Music Director for Waterloo Little Theatre's production of Fantastics.
Runners Boogie, SATB chorus, piano, bass guitar and drums.
Any Little Old Song, SATB chorus
Blow, Blow Thou Winter Wind, for SATB chorus
Come Dance With Me, for concert band, level Grade 4
Two Piece Suite for concert band
No. I - Eskimo Lullaby, Grade 1 1/2 level.
No. II - Land of the Silverbirch
Three Pieces for Equal Voices for chorus of 2 equal voices and piano and optional drum set
No. I -Life Has Liveliness to Sell
No. II - Sing Out My Soul
No. III - Glad That I Live am I
Gloria (30 seconds), for SSATB chorus.
Lake Huron (in October), for concert band, grade 3 1/2 level.
- Music is My Happy Chance, for SA chorus
- My Singing World, book of eight sacred pieces in two parts with piano or organ.
101 - A Singing World
102 - Now the Sun is in the Sky
103 - Jesus, Loving Shepherd
104 - The Earth Was Green
105 - How Far is it to Bethlehem?
106 - Welcome, Golden Rose
107 - When Jesus Christ Was Four Years Old
108 - The Lord's Name be Praised
- Old Song, for SATB chorus and piano
- Peas, for SATB chorus
- Psalm 150, for SATB chorus and opt percussion
- Slumber Song, for SATB chorus
- Say Hello, for concert band with 2 optional voice parts.
- She's Like the Swallow, for concert band.
- Shine on Me!, for concert band. Grade 2 level
- Silvery Silence, for SATB chorus and optional piano with ad lib sound effects.
- So We'll Go No More A-roving, for SAB chorus and piano
- Sudden Swallows Swiftly Skimming, for SATB chorus
- Sun; View, for SAB chorus
- The Eagle, for SATB chorus and piano
- The Red River Valley, for concert band. Grade 2 level
- The Sleeping Giant, for SA children's chorus with optional soprano solo. A short folk-lore sequence for children.
- To the Moon, for SA or TB or SATB chorus with optional piano
- Winds, for SSAA chorus a cappella


- Composed music, coordinated and directed 500 singers and orchestra for "Opening Night - Preview Week" of Kitchener's Centre In The Square. "A Time to Celebrate" and the "Canada Song" were commissioned for the occasion. Massed choir consisted of Concordia Male Choir, KW Harmonizers, Cambridge Kiwanis Boys' Choir, Concordia Children's and Mixed Choir, Schneider Male Chorus, Alfred Kunz Singers, Waterloo Regional Police Male Chorus, St. Mary's German Congregation Choir, Sweet Adelines, Knox Preston Presbyterian Church Choir, Transylvania Mixed Choir with conductor Alfred Kunz.
- A Time to Celebrate, for SSAATTBB chours, Children's choir, 4 horns, 3 trumpets, 3 trombones, tuba, 2 percussion and dancers.
- Canada Song, for SATB chorus, 3 trumpets, 4 horns, 3 trombones, tuba and 2 percussion. Second version for SATB chorus with band. Includes optional O Canada ending.
- A Fish Dripping, for SATB chorus, A capella
- Fanfares for Centre in the Square, Brass ensemble from the KW Symphony Orchestra for Sep. 20, 1980 opening of the Centre.
- Overture for Fun, Performance by the Kingston Symphony Orchestra conducted by Alexander Brott.
- Spring the Sweet Spring, for SATB chorus.


- Left the University of Waterloo to become a free agent composing and conducting.
- "Overture For Fun (Oktoberfest Overture)" was written and premiered by the Kingston Symphony and later played on CBC.
- Cyex and Alcyone, Chamber Opera, 50 minute.
- The Christmas Story commissioned by Kitchener-Waterloo Philharmonic Choir.
- The Second Book of Diverse Songs, Sounds and Thoughts (choral) composed and published.
- "Beginning of Folk Song" project for public and high school bands.
- 10,000 mile motorcycle trip covering 25 states and 5 provinces.
- Ceyx and Alcyone, Chamber Opera
- Sweet Lady Love, A madrigal, for SSATB chorus, optional piano, double bass and drums.


- Member of the Building Committee for the designing of Kitchener's Centre In The Square.
- Composed, conducted and produced four television shows for CKCO called Music Alive
- Joy to the World, for unison, SATB carol book with optional descants for voice or melody instrument for some carols and optional piano, organ or guitar.
- Second Book of Solo Songs, for medium or high voice and piano.
- Shall I Compare Thee, for SATB chorus and optional piano. Text by William Shakespeare.


- Commissioned to write theme song and athletic march for the Ontario Student Games in Kitchener, Ontario with assistance from Canada Council.
- Abner's Fiddle, SATB Chorus and Piano with optional rhythm guitar, bass guitar and drums.
- Three Pieces for Clarinet and Strings, for solo clarinet and string orchestra


- Tour of West Germany after attending the 16th National Singing Festival in Berlin. Choir and orchestra concert of the German Canadian Choir Association. Works featured by Kunz. Canada Council assistance for the premiere in Berlin.
-Chamber Symphony, Commissioned by the KW Chamber Music Society for the Stratford Ensemble through the Canada Council.
- Contrasts, Performance by the Kitchener Bach Choir, Howard Dyck, conductor.
- Creator Spirit, for SATB chorus. Commissioned by the Kitchener Bach Choir, Howard Dyck conductor.
- Gentle Love Does Fill my Mind, for SATB chorus. Commissioned by the Kitchener Bach Choir, Howard Dyck conductor.


- Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, for solo piano and full orchestra.
- Do You Love Me or Do You Not?, for SATB chorus. Commissioned by the Kitchener Bach Choir, Howard Dyck conductor.
- Like to the Falling of a Star, for SATB chorus. Text by Henry King. Commissioned by the Kitchener Bach Choir, Howard Dyck conductor.
- Weihnachtslieder Collage, for Kinderchoir (order Sopran I), SATB, TTBB, Piano (einschließlich 10 Weihnachtslieder)

1974 to 1984

- Organized and conducted the Waterloo Regional Police Male Chorus

1974 to 1979

- Organized and conducted the Alfred Kunz Singers and Mini-Pops Ensemble.


- King Street Parade (from Sketches of Waterloo County), for SATB chorus (divisi) with 1 male and 1 female television commentators performing narration. Text consists of phonic sounds with English narration. Text is by Laurence Cummings. Commissioned by the Festival Singers of Canada, Elmer Iseler conductor through the Canada Council.
- Miniature Suite for Accordion Orchestra, for 4 accordions.
- Plain Folk Buggy Song (from Sketches of Waterloo County), for SATB chorus (divisi). Text is by Laurence Cummings. Commissioned by the Festival Singers of Canada, Elmer Iseler conductor through the Canada Council.


- Composed, arranged and conducted music for the Concordia Club/Choirs 100th Anniversary with the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony at the Concordia Club.
- Introduced to Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip on their tour of Canada. Conducted Concordia choirs as part of their welcome to Kitchener.
- Joined the Building Committee for the design of Kitchener's Centre in the Square.
- Book of Diverse Songs, Sounds and Thoughts - a collection of piano vocal music
- Concerto for Six Percussion and Orchestra. Commissioned by the KW Junior Symphony through The Canada Council.

1972 to 1973

- Host of a one-hour weekly television show on GRC TV in Kitchener featuring local instrumentalists.
- Visit to Moscow and Russia as music representative in a bid for the World Student Games.
- Member of steering committee to create the Ontario Choral Federation.


- Portrait of a Young Girl, for accordion. Performed by Tiina Kiik at the Contemporary Showcase Concert in the Edward Johnson Building, University of Toronto on November 25, 1972.
- The Creation, for SATB chorus and orchestra.
- Three Works for Male Chorus, for TTBB chorus and piano.
- Drei R. M. Rilke Lieder,
Nr. I Erinnerung
 for SATB A cappella
Nr. II Initiale for SATB A cappella
Nr. III Schlußstück for SATB A cappella


- Attended the International Choral Conductors Symposium in Vienna, Austria. Assisted in preparing the choir for a performance of the Mahler 8th Symphony
- Five Night Scenes, for Orchestra

1970 to Present

- Wrote all instrumental and orchestral original compositions and arrangements for all choral, orchestral concerts.

1970 to 1975

- Music advisor for CKCO Television, Kitchener ON


- Drivel, for accordion.
- Music to Change Your Mind, for accordion.
- Music to Play When Sad or in Doubt, for accordion.
- Portrait of a Young Girl, for accordion.
- Quiet Beauty, for accordion.
- The Rhinoceros, for SATB chorus and piano. Text from The Idle Demon by R. P. Lister.
- The Strange People One Meets While Going for a Walk, for accordion.
- Tiny March, for accordion.

1969 to 1979

- Appointed full time Music Director at the University of Waterloo. Coordinator and organizer of the Concert Choir, Chamber Choir, Concert Band, Stage Band and the Little Symphony Orchestra.

1969 to 1970

- Coordinated the revival of the International "Sängerfest".


- Eight Impressions, based on Japanese Haiku poem ideas. For SATB chorus and piano.
- Four Excursions for Mixed Voices, for SATB solo and SATB chorus.
- In the Park of October Colour, for orchestra, solo piano and SATB chorus.
- Little Suite for Accordion Orchestra


- Composer in Residence on the Isle of Sylt
-Staats-Examen in Choral Conducting at the University of Mainz in Germany
- German Canadian Choir Association concert tour to Germany; 15th National Singing Festival concert with orchestra in Stuttgart assisted by grants from Canada Council. All music and/or arrangements were by Kunz. 150 voice choir. 12 curtain calls in Stuttgart
- Come Brother, Come Friend, Tje,e spmg pf tje KW Heritabe Saengerfest, SATB chorus.
- Music to do Things By, for piano.

1967 to 2013

- Conductor of Concordia Male Choir and Mixed Choir.
- Founder of the Concordia Children's Choir.
- Seven European choir tours.
- Organized annual "All Choirs Nite" for 450 singers and guests at the Concordia Club

1967 to 1972

- Organizer and coordinator of the Kitchener-Waterloo Heritage Singing Festival. Choirs from across Canada and the United States attended these events


- Premiere at University of Waterloo's Theatre of the Arts, of The Big Land, an oratorio with orchestra celebrating Canada, with words by Professor Larry Cummings of St. Jerome's College amd music by Kunz.
- September '67 Concordia Choirs perform at Expo '67 in Montreal
An Emblem, for accordion.
The Big Land, for Soprano, Contralto, Tenor, Bariton, SSA Chorus (children), SATB chorus, chamber orchestra.


Contrasts, for SATB Chorus. Chosen for the National Radio Competition for Amateur Choirs in 1976.
- Guest on Composers Corner. Program title "Canadian Composers".
Lied, Song, TTBB unaccompanied. Text by Heinrich Heine, German and English words.
We'll Rant and We'll Roar, Newfoundland Folksong for TTBB
Spruch, Now Must I Flee All Earthly Creatures, SATB. Text, Old German and English
In der Fremde: Estranged Return, TTBB Unaccompanied. German Text, Joseph Eichendorff
Frauenstrophe: O Love Sweep Into My Heart, SATB unaccompanied. Text, 18 century

1965 to 1998

- Appointed Association Choir Director for the German Canadian Choir Association

1965 to 1969

-Music Too Do Things By for Piano

1965 to 1967

- Principal of the Canadian Music Teachers' College of Burlington Ontario.
- Appointment as part-time Director of Music at the University of Waterloo.
- Six weeks in Germany studying and touring


- Composer in residence on the Isle of Sylt, North Germany with Jeunesses Musicales.
- Founded Concordia Children and Youth Choirs.
- Sweet Child of God for SATB or TTBB chorus and optional piano or organ.
To Hear an Oriole Sing for SSA unaccompanied. Text by Emily Dickinson. Commissioned for the Canadian Composers Symposium by the Canadian Music Centre.
Come Brother, Come Friend, theme song of the Kitchener Waterloo Heritage Saengerfest
Slow, Slow, Fresh Fount for SATB unaccompanied. Text by Ben Jonson
Moses, a Ballet with Chamber Orchestra.
- Let's Made a Carol, a Play with music for children. For SAB children's chorus, actors and piano. Available in a version with string and wind instruments.
-- Eight Impressions, SATB songs on Japanese Haiku Ideas

1964 to 1965

- One year of study in West Germany on scholarship from West German Government, German Canadian Choir Association and the Concordia Club and Choirs. Studies with Karlheinz Stockhausen and Earl Brown in Cologne. Choral conducting in Mainz. Worked as assistant in the Mainz City Opera House. Attended various courses in composition in Darmstadt, Bilthoven, Holland, etc. Took choral conducting exams at Mainz University and awarded "Staats Exam" papers.


- Quintet, for woodwinds and horn
- Three Fanfares, for brass and percussion. Commissioned by the Canadian Music Centre through the Canada Council. Level - Grade 3
- Excursionen für Klavier
- Three Excursions, for piano
- Emanation No. 1, for violin, horn and piano
- Emanation No. 2, for flute, clarinet, bassoon and horn
-Fun for Three, for flute, clarinet and bass clarinet or bassoon
- Fun for Two, for 2 bassoons or 2 bass clarinets or bassoon and bass clarinet
- Love, Death and Full Moon Nights, for voice and chamber ensemble. Japanese Haiku translated into German by Manfred Hausmann.
- Excursion No. 1 for Large Orchestra
- Slow, slow, fresh fount, SATB chorus. Commissioned for the Canadian Composers Symposium in 1963 by the Canadian Music Centre.
- Three Excursions for Organ, commissioned by Ronald Hegler.


A Clear Midnight for SATB unaccompanied. Commissioned for the Canadian Composers Symposium by the Canadian Music Centre.

1962 to 1964

- Conductor, Germania Male Choir in Hamilton.
- Organized the Germania Children's and Mixed Choir in Hamilton

1962 to 1963

- Arranged, composed and conducted music for Jewish Music Month


- Joined Concordia Choirs as a singer.
- The Damask Drum chamber opera, Eric Barton - Tenor, Frank McGillivray - Baritone, Pat Leach - Soprano
- Three Figures in a Crystal Ball, chamber opera
- "To Hear an Oriole Sing" and three short instrumental works for young musicians commissioned by the Ontario Choral Federation with grant from Ontario Council.
- 100th anniversary of the German Canadian Choir Association at an International Song Festival in Essen Germany
- "The Watchful Gods", Operetta


- Behold the Beauty of the Sky, for SATB chorus and orchestra
- Sinfonietta No. II, for soprano or trumpet solo, a symphony for young people.
- The Song of the Clarinet, for narrator, glute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, 2 violins, viola, cello and double bass.


- Will You Come?, for SATB chorus and piano

1959 to 1964

- Organist and Choirmaster, Mount Zion Lutheran Church. Organized Children's Choir, Youth Choir, and Adult Choir.


- Organized the Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber Music Choir.
- Sonata for Violin and Piano


- Sonata for Violin and Piano


- Returned to Kitchener, Ontario. Taught piano and theoretical subjects.
- Organized the Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber Music Orchestra.

1949 to 1955

- Studies in Toronto, Conservatory of Music. Private work with Gordon Dolamont, Toronto, Ontario


- Born May 26, 1929 - Neudorf, Saskatchewan.