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By December 20, 2017

– Established Alfred Kunz Music Publications with 400 compositions in print.
– Six Canadian Pictures commissioned by the German Canadian Choir Association.
No. I – Lake Huron In October, for TTBB chorus and optional piano.
No. II – Love Like a Drop of Dew, for SATB Chorus and optional piano.
No. III – Shadow River, for SATB chorus and optional piano.
No. IV – Midnight (In the North), for TTBB chorus and optional piano.
No. V – The Lost Lagoon, for SSA chorus and optional piano.
No. VI – Harvest Time, for SATB chorus and piano.
– Saskatchewan Music Educators’ Association Commission (three SA and three SATB)
1. Indian Summer (SA chorus and piano)
2. She is the Prettiest of Creatures (SATB chorus and piano)
3. The Poet’s Song (SATB chorus and piano)
4. There’s a Fire in the Forest (SA chorus and piano)
5. Turtle Soup (SATB chorus and piano)
6. Twilight Song (SA chorus and piano) 

– Music Director for Waterloo Little Theatre’s production of Fantastics.
– Runners Boogie, SATB chorus, piano, bass guitar and drums.
– Any Little Old Song, SATB chorus
– Blow, Blow Thou Winter Wind, for SATB chorus
– Come Dance With Me, for concert band, level Grade 4
– Two Piece Suite for concert band
No. I – Eskimo Lullaby, Grade 1 1/2 level.
No. II – Land of the Silverbirch
– Three Pieces for Equal Voices for chorus of 2 equal voices and piano and optional drum set
No. I –Life Has Liveliness to Sell
No. II – Sing Out My Soul
No. III – Glad That I Live am I
– Gloria (30 seconds), for SSATB chorus.
– Lake Huron (in October), for concert band, grade 3 1/2 level.
– Music is My Happy Chance, for SA chorus
– My Singing World, book of eight sacred pieces in two parts with piano or organ.
101 – A Singing World
102 – Now the Sun is in the Sky
103 – Jesus, Loving Shepherd
104 – The Earth Was Green
105 – How Far is it to Bethlehem?
106 – Welcome, Golden Rose
107 – When Jesus Christ Was Four Years Old
108 – The Lord’s Name be Praised
– Old Song, for SATB chorus and piano
– Peas, for SATB chorus
– Psalm 150, for SATB chorus and opt percussion
– Slumber Song, for SATB chorus
– Say Hello, for concert band with 2 optional voice parts.
– She’s Like the Swallow, for concert band.
– Shine on Me!, for concert band. Grade 2 level
– Silvery Silence, for SATB chorus and optional piano with ad lib sound effects.
– So We’ll Go No More A-roving, for SAB chorus and piano
– Sudden Swallows Swiftly Skimming, for SATB chorus
– Sun; View, for SAB chorus
– The Eagle, for SATB chorus and piano
– The Red River Valley, for concert band. Grade 2 level
– The Sleeping Giant, for SA children’s chorus with optional soprano solo. A short folk-lore sequence for children.
– To the Moon, for SA or TB or SATB chorus with optional piano
– Winds, for SSAA chorus a cappella

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