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May 22, 2017

Special Announcement!
In 2017, Canada will celebrate the 150th anniversary of Confederation. Across the country, organizations and communities have started planning how to celebrate this major national milestone. The Forest Heights Community Association Mixed Choir will be part of this celebration.

On June 25, 2017 the Forest Heights Community Association mixed choir will perform their spring concert to celebrate Canada’s 150th! The theme, O Canada, Sing, Sing, Sing! Careful attention will be given to music that showcases our land and our music artists. A collage of music from the Maritimes entitled Joy Unconfined will be performed. It is a joyful romp through such songs as There’s Lots of Fish in Bonavist Harbour, I’se the By’ That Builds the Boat, Nova Scotia Song, Come Dance With Me, and We’ll Rant and We’ll Roar. The audience will be a part of this foot stomping arrangement.

Canadian songwriters, such as Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, Robert Charlebois and Gordon Lightfoot, have penned some of the most iconic songs in popular music history, celebrated internationally for their inspiring words and music. If at all possible, FHCA mixed choir will sing some of their songs.

However, the biggest surprise of all will be the culmination of their musical celebration with Alfred Kunz’s Canada Song, a work commissioned by the City of Kitchener in September 1980 for the opening ceremonies of the Centre in the Square. This piece can best be introduced with the words of Dr. Michael Higgins; Canada is geography of the mind, of the spirit, of the emotions. It is more than a concept. It is more than a nation. It is more than its history. Indeed, Canada is the future, Canada is our song.

From the words of the Canada Song, the mixed choir will sing, O Canada, many cultures. O Canada, one song! Canadians sing out now. Your future's here; embrace your land! This song is yours; so let it sound. Now raise your voice and show that you're one. Give thanks and sing of this great land, strength, resources grand. Come, rise, sing, your song. These words are followed by a grand procession of provincial and territorial flags as the choir calls out each province and territory. The final flag carried in by the RCMP is of course the Canadian flag as the audience rises to their feet and sings O Canada.

This is only a small taste of the program. Many more exciting things will happen as we prepare for this event. See concert information on our Choir Association Page.

Dr. Alfred Kunz
Artistic Director, Conductor, Composer, Arranger, Vocal Coach and Publisher.

As noted in the University of Waterloo citation for Alfred Kunz's honorary doctorate:

"A national treasure in the field of composition and choral conducting, Alfred Kunz has contributed his enormous creative and organizational energies to the musical culture of the German Canadian community, in general, and to the Kitchener-Waterloo community, in particular, since 1955. For fifty years he was the conductor of the Concordia Club Choirs and is the driving spirit behind the founding of several choral groups, including the Waterloo Regional Police Male Chorus, the Bach Kantate Singers, the Joshua Singers, the Nith Valley Singers, Music Alive Choral Organization, and the Millennium Concert Choir.

For a decade and a half during the early years of the University of Waterloo, Alfred Kunz was involved in music making with the campus community. During this time he organized choirs and presented many challenging performances drawn from the classical repertoire as well as from his own work. As a composer, his works have been performed by various professional and amateur organizations across Canada and, indeed, in Europe. He is prolific, and inclined to the avant-garde.

Alfred Kunz is committed to the concept of music as a life skill rather than as a performance technique. His work has consistently demonstrated his unflagging commitment to the very ideal of music and to music itself as a necessity for a truly humane society.

As a composer, choral director, arranger, and music coach, Mr. Kunz has demonstrated an extraordinary capacity to make music not for the few but for the many: the common property of all."

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