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Choir Associations

A. Germania Mixed Choir

September 1963 to May 1965
B. Concordia Male and Mixed Choirs

August 1965 to October 2013
C. DKSB Bundesliedermeister

September 1965 to May 1998
D. University of Waterloo Choirs, Bands, Orchestra

September 1965 to May 1979
E. Waterloo Regional Police Male Chorus

November 1973 to May 1984
F. Alfred Kunz Singers

September 1974 to May 1979
G. Nith Valley Singers

September 1985 to May 2015
H. Music Alive Choral Organization

September 1989 to May 2015
I. Bach Kantate Singers

September 1995 to March 1996
J. Tenor Delight

August 2011 to May 2012
K. Forest Heights Community Assoc. Mixed Choir

September 2015 to June 2017
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