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A Compliment of Song

What better way to compliment a wedding, family function, church service or singing festival than with an out of the ordinary gift of your voice in performance. I can help you accomplish this by offering you private vocal sessions.

Music singing vibrations are great and wonderful gifts given us!

Vocal techniques to be covered:
How the vocal mechanism works
Posture and support breathing, breath control
The Phonating system producing the tone with vocal cords, larynx and registers
Resonating and articulating systems
Fundamental exercises, vocalization and agility studies

Vocal lesson format:
Above technique lesson
Vocal exercises
Application of techniques to song chosen by the instructor
Application of techniques to a song of your choice
Application of techniques to current choir repertoire if needed

Vocal lesson materials requirements:
Basic vocal studies exercise book (cost $16.00)
Handheld recording device (or keyboard at home)

Vocal lesson expectations:
$40 for a thirty (30) minutes. Session may be longer based on the needs of the individual. First session will last approximately one (1) hour.
Cancellation must be submitted a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours in advance. Missed sessions without proper notification must be paid for. Exceptions: weather, family emergencies, terminal laryngitis or your own expiration!
Ten (10) vocal training sessions should be considered as the minimum if your desire is to learn how to sing and speak clearly and properly. Learning to sing as a professional takes years of diligent practice and performance.

Remember: One must be diligent and patient with the vocal lesson process. It will not happen in a week. You must practice at home. You must immediately try to apply your vocal techniques to your musical experiences. Interest and enjoyment in learning to sing will bring you pleasure for your entire lifetime.

I will welcome you to My Singing World if you are truly interested in developing your vocal and musical expertise.

Dr. Alfred Kunz

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